Clean your dishwasher’s filter to remove hard water deposits and debris.

Range, stove or oven

Instead of using the self-cleaning function, We recommend cleaning up spills as they occur and using drip pans to catch spills.


Clean out the lint trap after each load to improve efficiency and reduce the chance of a fire.

Have the outside vent inspected annually.

A clogged up dryer vent will cause long dry time.

Washing machine

Make sure not to overload the machine, or it could prematurely wear out.

Set the water level to an appropriate setting based on the amount of clothes in the washer. Failure to do so can put additional stress on the motor.

Check pockets before placing clothes in the washer. Many problems are caused when foreign objects become lodged within the washer.

We suggest replacing the washer fill hose every five years.

Here are some appliance preventive maintenance tips.

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Clean the condenser coils. When these coils become caked with dust, the fridge has to work harder which puts more stress on the unit and increases energy consumption. Use a vacuum to remove dust, pet hair and dirt.

Check the door seal. The fridge’s door seal is responsible for keeping food cold and maximizing efficiency. Replace the seal if needed.

Garbage disposal

Keep the blades sharp by running cold water and sending a cup of ice down the disposal.

Run cold water for 10 seconds before inserting food into the disposal and for 30 seconds after each use. Cold water helps solidify grease and fat so they can be chopped up by the disposal.